Leveraging on the resources around

This day has been awesome. I am excited to be at the Andela Bootcamp 23 and I am looking forward to an exciting week. Here at the boot camp, we have been grouped into teams so as to enable us to collaborate on the projects provided for the self-learning clinic(Home sessions). Needless to say, my group members are awesome. Even though some of us are having challenges, we are sure we will come out victorious in this life-changing learning experience.

Recently, I have been learning a lot. From Version control with git to Test Driven Development to Flask and now JavaScript with ReactJS. During the boot camp, we are required to build an API using the Flask Micro-framework. This API will be consumed by ReactJS. In order to do this, I obviously need to know how to use ReactJS. To be honest, it is not a bed of roses neither is it a scoop of chocolate cake(I am now getting hungry). Having to learn so much in a short period of time is not easy but I am leveraging on the free resources available and the help of my team members to accomplish my goal/tasks.

Reactjs is an awesome framework. First, it is an open-source project created by Facebook(being a fan of Facebook’s products, this means a lot), it offers an awesome approach towards building interfaces with JavaScript. So far I have been able to learn about React components. According to Pro React, a book published by Apress(you should check it out), React components are self-contained, concern-specific building blocks. I am hoping to learn about JSX, which is used by Reactjs to express User Interfaces and how to create components complete with props and state(This is being mentioned a lot but I still have no idea what they are).

This journey will be tough but I hope it will inspire me to become a world-class developer. Finally, I will be updating you(my awesome readers) on the resources I have used to learn Reactjs and the next steps going forward.
Remember, skill deficits you have are not a limitation but an opportunity for growth.