10 Great Review Apps for the Classroom

Want your class to review before a test? Facilitate a test review with these apps:

Kahoot: Gamify your review with Kahoot! Students log in and compete against each other in choosing the correct answer to review questions.

Nearpod: Make your review interactive with Nearpod! Nearpod is a fantastic interactive presentation app where the teacher can lead the class through an interactive presentation or let the students go it alone at their own pace.

Socrative: Turn your class review into a space race! The first person or team to answer the review questions correctly is the winner!

Quizlet Live: Review while fostering student collaboration. Students are assigned teams in which they try and answer review questions before the other teams.

Pear Deck: Keep your students engaged with this great interactive presentation app. Students can work at their own pace or can be teacher led. Pear Deck slides feature draggable answers, multiple choice, or drawing.

Flipgrid: Ask students to explain concepts using Flipgrid. Then, ask other students to comment on or add to what other students have said.

Recap: Use Recap to pose review questions and facilitate a chat. Students can respond with either a typed chat response or a video response.

Plickers: Get instant feedback without student devices! Print out the cards and distribute to the students. Students simply hold up the card representing the correct answer, then the teacher uses their phone to read the cards, getting instant feedback.

Poll Everywhere: Use Poll Everywhere to either ask your students open-ended review questions or multiple choice questions review questions. Instantly see where your class stands for the test.

EdPuzzle: Use EdPuzzle to create a teacher review video. Then, insert questions in the video at key points. Students work at their own pace to complete the video review.