5 Classroom Management Apps to Start Your Year With

Manage your classroom with tech!

Classroom management is one of the most challenging parts of teaching. These five apps will help you get the job done and promote a sense of community and help student achievement.

  1. ClassDojo: ClassDojo is a parent communication tool that encourages student participation and good classroom behavior. You can give the student points for participating in class as well as a multitude of other customizable actions. ClassDojo gives you the ability to communicate with a parent all without sharing your phone number — so no worries about a student getting a hold of your phone number. ClassDojo also gives the teacher the ability to not only share what the class is doing, but share what individual students are doing as well. And…student behavior can be projected on a screen so kids can see how many points they’re accumulating during class.

2. ClassCraft: Gamify your class with ClassCraft! ClassCraft takes student behavior and turns it up by creating characters for your students and lets them either power up or lose health points based on how they’re doing in class. If you’re familiar with the Warcraft computer games or Dungeons and Dragons (for you old school folks), as a teacher, you’ll be able to jump right in. And, because students are in teams, if one student does poorly, the whole team suffers. Great for students to monitor each other’s behavior.

3. Nearpod: Keep your students engaged with Nearpod. Nearpod is an interactive presentation tool where students don’t just sit and statically take notes — they participate in the presentation! I hesitate to call Nearpod a presentation app because students are using their own devices to participate in teacher led activities such as creating drawings, answering questions, taking quizzes, or answering short answer questions.

4. Kahoot: Starting to lose your class? Eyes beginning to wonder? Side conversations starting to take place? Break out a Kahoot! Kahoot turns learning into a game with either questions created by you or questions you’ve found on Kahoot. And get this — students can even use their phones to jump into a Kahoot! Students love the chance to go against their classmates in a battle of class knowledge, and it usually doesn’t end with one game. You’ll find that students want another chance to play. Great fun all while learning is taking place in the classroom. Great for review before a test.

5. Bouncy Balls: Bouncy Balls is a web app that monitors classroom noise, bouncing the balls based on classroom noise. Or, if you prefer, change the balls to eyeballs, emojis, or bubbles. Reward students for keeping the noise level low based on the balls! The web app can be found at Bouncyballs.org.