Five Apps That Play Nice With Google Classroom.

If you’re using Google Classroom, it’s nice to find apps that integrate well with the learning management system. Because of how well they’re integrated, you can assign and collect work with ease. Below are five apps that play nice with Google Classroom.

EDpuzzle: EDpuzzle is a video tool that allows teachers to upload and trim videos. The cool part of EDpuzzle though is that the teacher can insert their own questions into the video. The integration part comes with EDpuzzle’s ability to import your courses from Google Classroom. After selecting the video you want to use, simply click on the Google classes you want to assign it to.

Classcraft: Classcraft’s gamification can help with classroom management. Teachers can import your students from Google Classroom into Classcraft. They can also import Google Classroom assignments into Classcraft making them “Quests” in the game.

Explain Everything: Explain Everything is a fantastic virtual white board where teachers and students can explain concepts, give directions, and create projects. Explain Everything can important your Google Classroom classes with ease. After completing and saving a project, uploading it to Google Classroom is simple.

Duolingo: Duolingo is a great language learning app. Setting it up with Google Classroom is a breeze. When setting up the Duolingo classroom for the first time, choose “share classroom link,” then click the Google Classroom button. You’ll then be prompted to choose the Google Classroom class you want to share the link with.

PearDeck: PearDeck is a fantastic interactive presentation app. PearDeck keeps students engaged through its use of teacher created activities. One of the ways to get students into you presentation is to open the PearDeck dashboard and click on the Google Classroom button. Then, choose the class you’d like to share the presentation with. Also, at the conclusion of the PearDeck session, the teacher can send their students their “takeaway,” or a copy of their participation in the PearDeck, to Google Classroom.