Five Apps That Will Make Your Teaching Life Easier

We all know teaching can be a tough job. But, technology can help alleviate some of those stresses by not only making your teaching life easier, but get maximum student interaction with the material as well. Accomplishing this all while using no paper! By the way, with the newly released Book Creator for Chrome, all are iOS, Windows, and Android compatible (except the iOS Classroom app of course).

Book Creator

A fantastic way for your students to do a multitude of things, all without using a piece of paper! Students can create a book using the various tools included in Book Creator. They can not only share what they’ve learned by creating an e-book with text, but they can include their own pictures, video, and audio recordings. Teachers can use Book Creator to create a study guide or a book of review exercises.


Need a paperless option to distribute and collect assignments? Look no further than Showbie! Showbie not only serves as a great way to distribute and collect assignments, but it can also serve as a gradebook, a communication tool, and facilitate a discussion all in the same app.


The ultimate in teacher led interactive lessons! The days of presenting a PowerPoint (or Keynote) to students while they robotically copy down the notes are over. Nearpod enables the teacher to walk the students through a presentation all while students are participating by answering questions, creating illustrations, or taking a quiz, all while viewing the presentation on their own device.


Want an easy way to show off student learning? Seesaw is the 21st century portfolio app that allows the teacher to keep all the students work together in one place. The student can either complete the work in the app or take a photo and import it into Seesaw. An awesome and easy way to take student work along to a parent conference or have it available at open house or back to school night.

Explain Everything

Tired of the old way of students writing a report about a certain topic? Want them to be creative in explaining a concept or event? Explain Everything is the answer and, it’s easy for students to share their work through such things as the aforementioned Showbie app. Instead of writing an essay about, say, D-Day, they can draw representations of what happened all the while narrating the event. Explain Everything is great for math classes. Give the students a few problems and require them to show their work using Explain Everything!

Google ClassroomApp/Apple’s Classroom App

Ok, so there aren’t five, but I had to include these two. Not much needs to be said about these two except, if you have access to Google Classroom or strictly use iPads in your class, these are a must.