My Most Embarrassing Story in School

I’d love to share one experience of mine but it happened in front of 1/3 of the whole class.

Back in 2011 I was in class 11 and I had six subjects including one optional. I was not much into Medical Studies so I opted Biology to be my optional subject. Rest of the subjects were pretty much interesting to me. So, it goes without saying I never prepared much for the Biology as I am a kinda lazy person who takes no elation for studying. I can clearly recall the Biology exam day. I was just hoping to get the pass mark which was 24 out of 80 and rest of the 20 marks are for Practical exam. So to avail a PASS stamp on the result I must score 24 on the very day but I was not even in the condition to get this so I opted the universal process to get passed, I started to collect marks from students, writing exam sitting around me.

On that very day the exam hall guard was a beautiful, young madam of an age group of 25–30(max.). She clothed herself in a proper way wearing a Saree.

As I was trying to cheat for the whole time I needed to keep a close eye to madam’s movement to make sure that she was not noticing me. She was signing supplementary pages and her saree slipped a lil’ from her shoulder, neither she or anyone of the class noticed it as they all were busy doing their jobs. I noticed it and it was pretty much distracting me so irritatingly that I told ma’am Ma’am, can you please fix your saree ?”. Being unaware of the situation I literally gunned it towards her. I was a fool to say that and even after saying that I immediately was about to get down on my knee saying sorry.

She was blushing like a tomato, I literally don’t know what was the superior cause of this, between the abashment and the urge to punch my face.

She boldly stepped towards me saying “So you have been looking here for the whole time, lemme check your paper.

I was collecting answers so it is all obvious she found only 2–3 pages of answer even after the half time of the exam. She slandered me in every possible way and I was literally standing there like an idiot.

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This happened in front of my classmates :(

P.S: I failed the exam as I scored 22 and it goes without saying how my principal enjoyed slandering me in front of my parents. But I faced no problem as it was my optional subject. But Ma’am never complained to the authority or other teachers.