The Importance Of CFD For Turbo machinery Equipments And Why Manufacturers Need A CFD

Computational Fluid Dynamics or CFD has gained importance over the past decades and today it delivers results with accuracy, using huge solvers, in lesser times. It helps in understanding the behaviour of heavy machineries that deal with fluid flow, by virtual simulations and its effects on components while operating.

CFD could bring in major changes in Energy Consumption

For an instance, a cement manufacturer was able to see a flow pattern in the duct bend, and on design optimization, it was possible to lower the energy consumption of blowers and compressors by 30% while maintaining the same mass flow rate. This erased the time needed for prototype testing and applying similar assessment results for other ducts across the plant facility.

Benefits of CFD for Manufacturers

Designing vital parts for turbo machinery demands finding of meridional channel and blade shape. There are also other accessories and duct works which are analyzed to get an overall optimized performance delivered by the unit. To maintain perfection throughout is possible, but a tedious task since it brings many calculations. Whereas, with CFD there are several ways to deliver accurate results for optimising design optimization and performance.

Reduced Time and eliminates prototype testing

With a traditional approach of testing prototype, the verification of construction and design quality on test stand was done during mass or a piece production. It delivered results but with huge investments only for building a prototype. While, the 3D modeling method delivers the base for CFD for turbo machinery equipments; which is accurate, cheaper and yields fast results.

Tests for unusual conditions

CFD solvers could also anticipate the conditions, not only under normalcy, but also when surge appears, a phenomenon which leads to unstable operations. Other than, fixed inlet & outlet pressure, absorbing boundary, total outlet pressure, presence of shock waves etc. could be studied via virtual simulations; and their effect could be known to develop knowledge needed for critical modifications.

Eliminating iterations of experiments

There is a need for software capability to study the flow equations, because Navier-Stokes calculations for blades design gives lots of information with increased inputs. Such huge sets of information can’t be grasped by human brain to post it for new designs or lead to trial and error approach that verifies each set. Such approach has been replaced by CFD tools that solve Navier-Stokes equations as a result lowered reduced time consumption for a number of design iterations.

Reducing hazard risks

CFD simulations performed prior the making phase, permits to deliver products with safety standards. As the designs are optimized, there are fewer possibilities to have any initiation of change orders except from the one that arise due to manufacturing shop floor conditions. This helps the manufacturer to carry out seamless process, without affecting product quality.


CFD approach for turbo machinery parts, is the best way to help the manufacturers in product delivery of high quality and safety standards. Cost efficient delivery is achieved owing to lowered manufacturing and testing costs. As turbo machinery equipments need high voltage and current supply and extreme conditions of pressure and temperature; the necessity to verify the design safety, working, performance and costs is a vital stage.

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