Should Sofia Coppola Stay In Her White Lane? Sure. But That Means Acknowledging Her Racism.
Seren Sensei

Excellent article. Thank you so much for posting. I wonder if this isn’t a shameful symptomatic theme in the family using ignorant/racist/colonial white narratives. I was involved in a protest to her father’s racist narrative based Virginia Dare wine, his response was beyond appalling and disconnected from the actual lived history of Native Americans and people of color. Here is a sampling from our correspondence dated March 26, 2015:

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The story of the colonists and birth of first Anglo child is still commemorated in North Carolina and throughout the country as American History and myth. Whereas certainly as you suggest, there has be epic white-washing of countless tragic chapters of the relationship to Native American peoples, such as the heartbreaking story of the Dakoda people’s exit from Minnesota, I cannot grasp what this has to do the Roanoke Colony in early 16 century America. My sentiments are overwhelmingly of admiration of our Native American tradition and people — and I am actively in support of any efforts to continue the culture and language, and support the health issues, and encouragement of youth. I have visited many reservations, and saw with horror that only sacks of white flour was offered, knowing of the blight of diabetes. When asked ‘why aren’t sacks of whole-wheat flour offered?’, and was told it wouldn’t sell. I love the tradition of the Wappo Indians, who lived in the Napa Valley in peace and abundance over six thousand years ago — as well as all Native American people and traditions. I am a friend, not an enemy.

But we are all immigrants, even our Native American brothers who emigrated here many thousands of years ago and I believe that no part of America belongs to any one people — I resist the trend of what is frankly ‘political correctness’ as it is often attempted to be used today. Don’t drink my wine if you wish — but I will continue to support the REAL issues: Native American Culture, Native American Languages; Native American health; and Native American youth, education and employement.

Ever since I was a child I loved the myth of Virgina Dare and with the stories involving that Algonquin people and the nobility of the Native Americans, and I will continue to do so.


Francis Coppola

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It is Trumpian on so many levels. No responsibility for how his work deeply offends both from a narrative and representation level (including the wine text and labels) and participates in structural racism….And this wine nonsense is still being sold.

Thank you again for your excellent article.

Kind regards,

Samuel Paden…/our…/the-legends/manteo.

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