The Last Lecture Takeaways

On an afternoon, where I find myself struggling with my next steps I turned to Randy Pausch.

It was a book and lecture that I had heard about from a myriad of people throughout my life. It was now my turn to give it a read and see what I could find.

After devouring the book (page to page) in roughly an hour I took a notecard and wrote down some key bullet-points.

  • Do not be a winer. Just focus on what you need to get done, regardless of the task and do it.
  • Face your brick-wall. Whether it is the hot girl that you want to talk to or that idea that you want to grow but have no experience with, face it. Face that brick-wall and do your absolute best.
  • Be content with what you want to do. Know what you like and what you dislike. Forget all the money and all the praise forget everyone else. Do what you want to do, it is as simple as that.
  • Focus on actions, not words. Everyone can talk the talk in fact I am guilty of doing so. Yet, can they truly walk the walk? As silly as it sounds it takes focus and drive to hunker down and deliver. I struggle with that everyday.
  • Write thank you notes. It means a lot when you hand write a thank you note to someone who has helped you in even the smallest of ways.
  • Who cares what other people think. Enough said.

I at this moment am struggling with a myriad of ideas for a new startup (after my last one failed) but I don’t have the background. I am a political science major and public affairs masters graduate (from a mediocre school) with no grip on programming. I have no job at the moment and even if I had one I think in the back of my mind I still would have an unsettling desire to start my own business. I would love to actually get an acting gig, and I would also love to move out of Silicon Valley to Los Angeles. I would lastly love to adventure and help people. I have explored a career as an EMT in the worst possible towns in the US but I don’t actually have enough income to actually pay for my training program. While also being constantly reminded by my folks that an EMT career does not have any potential ROI on my education.

Yup, I was wining of course and yea it is hard to follow what you want. Yet, after reading the Last Lecture and watching Randy’s lecture online I have to keep reminding myself to hunker down, shut up, forget what everyone else thinks.

Here’s to Professor Randy Pausch. From now on it’s only looking forward and yes failing forward professor.

A student through your legacy,