Attraction Marketing is the Best Marketing Strategy [Freedom-Marketing]

Is It time to adjust your sails?

When I scroll through Facebook sometimes I cringe when I see one of those cheesy, oversalesy posts saying “Hey want to know how I make all this money online”? ” Or Hey check out my business its the best thing since sliced bread”, or buy my stuff…it’s awesome.


Today I am sharing my best practices for attracting the “right” customer to your blog, business or video’s using Attraction Marketing or what I am now going to coin it “Freedom-Marketing”.

This is the most important part of running any business…Marketing. I wouldn’t be successful if it wasn’t for sales.

Of course, I have to have a marketing plan in order to accomplish my sales goals. One thing you should know about me though, I’m not a sales person…at least not in the slimey car salesmen way.

You know the kind of salesperson I’m talking about. They stalk you to death trying at first to subtly push their product on you. When you resist, they come on harder.

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