** Customer Success should be an integral part of your Marketing Strategy **

Adam & Zac concluded that “No money” is the cause of all their worries.

They concluded that with lot of money, they could be really happy but they don’t know how to make money.

Adam decided to worship the God & ask for a boon when He shows up.

Zac laughed at his idea & continued to sit idle thinking how to be happy.

Adam traveled to a mountain, prayed on & on for 30 days continuously.

The Lord appeared in front of him, “Dear Adam, I am impressed with your dedication. Ask me what you are seeking for.”

Adam, being super elated quickly replied, “Dear Lord I want to be really happy.”

God smiled & offered him a big plate filled with all his favorite dishes. Being hungry for weeks, he grabbed the plate feasted all over happily.

The Lord disappeared after making him happy.


Zac heard what happened to Adam, thought he could give it a shot & would stand a better chance if he is very specific about the boon.

He traveled to the same spot & went on to worship for the next 30 days. God didn’t show up.

Zac is very determined, controlled his hunger & continued for another 15 days. After 45 days, the Lord showed up.

“Dear Zac, I am impressed at your determination. Ask me anything you want.”

Recollecting what happened to Adam, he stayed calm for a minute. Multiple thoughts in his mind and he finally asked, “Dear Lord, I want to sleep very peacefully, in an AC room with loads of money.”

God smiled and said, “So be it!” before disappearing.

A few minutes later, Zac wakes up in an ATM room finding himself dressed as a security guard.

Food for thought:

  1. A Customer is like God. What you do just for the sake of getting noticed by them won’t fetch you any results
  2. Instead of chasing your customers for revenue, work on improving things that will make them come after you
  3. Always plan in advance on how to serve them
  4. Identifying Customer persona is the key for successful messaging strategy
  5. Keeping your message simple, precise & specific is all good. But think from their shoes and see how they could perceive your messaging
  6. Know what would make your customers happy. How? Research & Reach out. It’s ok to ask what features/improvements they would like to see
  7. “If you build it, they will come” — But be prepared how to handle when they come. Be Omnipresent

Do you have a Customer Success person/team for your business? How are you handling your new & existing customers?