I for one think he’s on the side of the “little people”.

Wait, wait… you think he’s on the side of the “little people”?!? I don’t think any president has done so much, so fast, to harm the little person. From pushing a healthcare reboot that would remove coverage for **20 MILLION** of the poorest Americans, coupled with a constant barrage of tax break efforts for the rich. Add on his well-documented history of strong-arming the small-time contractors he uses with lawyers and refusals to pay, as well as his use of his “non-profit” to illegally buy paintings for his family. I’ve seen zero evidence he cares about anyone but himself. He’s gone from a curiosity to the stuff despots and sociopaths are made of. You are delusional if you think he’s being held to a higher standard than anyone – he has acted with lower standards than anyone to have held the office before him. Period.

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