App Review: TimeLine

One of the coolest thing these days in news is the different ways in which data and news is presented. It seems like every day I find out about a new app. I figured, why not let others know about them. While I still like ours, PhittleMuse the best, anything that gets information out is great by me. And with so many different ways to do it I think it is great to highlight the new innovation.

This weeks app is Timeline by TimelineInc.

Timeline is super awesome. It does several things really great. It presents information well, it is polished, it has great photos, interesting stories, connected to Facebook and Twitter accounts and allows you to see more articles by the article who wrote an article you just read.

However its best feature is the timeline that allows you to see all information about that topic in a timeline fashion. This gives you context and that is super awesome. However it doesn’t work for all topics and articles which becomes a bit lame. Maybe if they partner up with who have an amazing algorithm, or maybe they will improve it soon.

What I don’t like, is that you end up reading inside the app for the most part which does not support the companies which produced the content.

The good part is that it does give you sources so you can find out more information directly from the source.

Final score: Four and a half stars.

Hopefully they can pull it up to five

Great look and feel.

Builds a time-line

Gives more links to articles by the author of the piece.

Ability to see other timelines and more information.

Sources for more context

The best Feature is the timeline.

Blue chain button at bottom shows there’s an article timeline.