Sam Plecic, Founder of Digital Marketing Schweiz

Sam Plecicis the founder of Digital Marketing Switzerland, an award-winning Swiss digital service agency based in Zurich/Switzerland. Sam has strong professional track record in Companies as McKinsey, Shell, Volvocars, Swisscom or Tamedia.

After his studies, working stages in London and Paris in the early 90ies he spent three years at McKinsey & Co., which shaped his working attitude and analytical background. He learned and practiced already in 1991 with e-mail/WLAN and was responsible for the technical setup ofglobal digital conferences for the McKinsey’smanagement.

Sam Plecic, Founder of Digital Marketing Schweiz

After extensive traveling in Asia in 1996 he started his digital career at Unisource, the first internet backbone in Switzerland which was acquired by Swisscom in 1997. Sam Plecic learned HTML and built the first web-based Process Management System for Swisscom: 3’200 people were certified in 34 locations. Sam’s concept/self-programmed system was awarded in 1998 by the ISO Certification Agency SGS in Geneva. It was Sam’s first invention.

In 1999, he was engaged by Volvocars Switzerland for a new field at that time: To build up a national CRM structure (Customer Relationship Management) for dealer marketing and to ramp up the Swiss eCommerce for Volvo. In 2000, Sam Plecic was the first managerin the Swiss automotive industry to push and run an online campaign for lead generation, which was a huge success for Volvo. The Volvocars Car Configurator, which he introduced with the Swedish Software company Framtidsfabriken is still in use, 17 years later. See yourself.

Sam Plecic, Founder of Digital Marketing Schweiz

After establishing &leading VolvocarsCRM & eCommerce in Switzerland and Austria, he took a new challenge atSwitzerland Global Enterprise, an organization supporting Swiss companies in expanding their business into other countries. Sam ramped up a Marketing & a Sales organization, including a field sales force, a service center and a database management. The CRM software was built on their own from scratch, lead by Sam — at the end of the project all global Swiss Business Hubs have been attached to the system and used it as a daily routine. The project lasted three years.

In 2008, Sam founded his first company, a business promotion joint, which he ran successfully for 5 years. After a mandate in 2012 at Pinterest clone “Thingle”, a social shopping platform, where he built the largest Swiss Facebook Social Media Community at that time with his con-genius partner Walter Buschta, he founded Digital Marketing Schweizin 2013, at that time the first Swiss Company consisting only of freelancers.

50 weeks after the founding date ofDigital Marketing Schweiz, Sam Plecic was honored with the most prestigious Swiss Marketing Industry award, the Swiss Marketing Trophyfor inventing, promoting and producing the first national fair for Startups in Switzerland, the Startupfair. He developed & produced the Startup-Battle, the legendary first Swiss live pitching event in a Rockstar setup with stage, lights, loudspeakers &live audience. After the first edition the concept was copied many times. Sam re-launched a Zurich-based startup incubator with this project and a complete Corporate Redesign fresh and sexy in the market and brought Sponsoring partners to the client, which financed the Startupfair for the next two years.

Sam Plecic, Founder of Digital Marketing Schweiz

In 2015, the Swiss Startup Summitwas born, an international promotion window for the Swiss Startup environment and the working place Switzerland in form of a TV roadshow. The concept was a Live pitching Roadshow through every part of Switzerland. We developed a new Startup TV format, the first of its kind, which was broadcasted at national TV at JOIZand on regional TV. Sam was responsible, that Swiss Startups were supported with free personal promotion goods (i.e. all finalists received free video & picture footage from the Showdowns, the name of the new live pitching TV format).

The Swiss Startup Summit was a 10-month campaign hosted by Swiss TV channel JOIZ and many network partners.

Parallelly, Sam ramped-up a project he’s been preparing since 2011: LiVE! Premium Fan Technology, the first smartphone-based business ecosystem. The newest baby could revert the Sport-, Entertainment and Publishing industry — it offers as first system of its kind an interactive, direct sales channel from brand to end consumer by integrating stakeholders like sponsors & media at the same time.

LiVE! serves Sports Organizations, Entertainment business, Celebrities/Sportsmen and Sponsoring Businesses. LiVE!’s impressive first customer isMetropolis Recording Studiosin London

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