Step in the right direction!

I left off in a state of confusion, uncertain of where to go. I was recently discussing with Ms. Regalia whether I should continue trying to work with a guide dog or take a slightly different path. Another student overheard our discussion and suggested that I contact Whiskers, Tails, and Ferals of Napa (WTFN). WTFN finds foster and forever homes for homeless animals and holds weekly adoption clinics for those dogs and cats. After considering my options, I have decided to go to WTFN’s adoption clinic on January 31st to get more information. I will get to do most of the same things with a foster dog as I would with a guide dog, I will give it basic training and socialize it to make it more adoptable. Through my work I will help this animal find a forever home. I have completed the Foster Application on the website and will bring it with me on Saturday. Hopefully I will get a dog in the next few weeks and start working with it.

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