Damn sugar conspiracies..

Today has been a fantastic day for me.
Although it wasn’t the most comfortable one since it’s all bloody mary down there and these nasty cramps are killing me. Did I mention it’s the hottest day this year? About 43 degrees centigrade here in the northern parts of india. So, today has been a fantastic day for me. Why ? Because I overcame my sugar cravings. For 30 mins and that’s something.

I have a bit of a sweet tooth. Oh! Who am I kidding ? I crave sweet things all the time. But since I have to take care of myself (actually my muffin top) I have brought down my sugar consumption and which explains the heavy losses in sugar market in the past few months.

But today was different. I was standing right in front of my favorite bakery for no apparent reason. My aching abdomen was pleading for some cold pudding. My brain on the other hand wanted a moist vanilla sponge with some chilled icing. I could visualize myself with a small plastic spoon in one hand, looking at that little slice of happiness. I could see myself slowly flexing my arm muscles, using them to move my spoon along the moist layers of that vanilla sponge, removing a thick chunk of it and putting it in my mouth. What I was trying to experience was something of a foodgasm.

While I was still contemplating my desires, my phone beeped. It was my boyfriend and he had shared an article with me called - The sugar conspiracy, it went on and on and on about how sugar is bad for us and all the health related troubles it brings along with it’s sweet taste. Him and his telepathic ways.
( Note to self - Kill him later.) 
So finally after reading half of that article I decided not to have that perfect moist piece of cake. I sat inside the car and tried reading it some more; all the while thinking about the how I was going to kill my boyfriend. 
I was lost in thoughts when suddenly I sniffed what was unmistakably the smell of freshly baked cookies. That was it. It took me less than 3 seconds to get out of the car and enter the shop. I was in heaven.

I chose a very pretty looking strawberry pastry and a dozen of biscuits. I went to the counter to place my order and just as I was about to place it, I realized I had made a grave mistake. A mistake that will haunt me for quite a few days. I had left my wallet in my purse which was inside my cupboard at home….I had no money.

My delicious strawberry cake. My freshly baked honey almond cookies. All lay inside my cupboard.

So that’s that.

How do I feel ? Frustrated. Also, a little nauseated. Did I say I had a fantastic day today? Well, I lied.