Born and raised in Mexico, forged in NYC, transplanted back into Mexico City and now in NY for a bit.

I tend to wonder why people make the decisions they make on every day life; Elevator Vs Stairs, Walk Vs Train, wait in line vs finding an alternative. And I’ve realized, that in many cases the person makes a choice that was already made for them. Other times, the choice could have been avoided or made easier had the people designing the context had put more thought into it. And probably less often but persistent cases the user would just do something completely unexpected. I find it fascinating.

I am interested in UX design particularly because it’s something that is often not acknowledged but always present. Sometimes even in a dark way. Besides the fact that this is a great set of skills to have as an Industrial Designer, I want to become an expert at designing experiences not only in the digital world but in the physical world as well.

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