Day: 0

My mom always says I tend to exaggerate when trying to describe things, but this time is no joke, I spent 20 hours traveling to my new home for the next few months in Gold Coast, Australia. I really didn’t know what to think. Should I be excited? Should I be nervous? Am I going to come across as the typical American asking everyone to repeat themselves because I cannot understand their accents? This is the first time I’ve started a new adventure truly independent, all by myself. Thousands of miles away from my nearest friend, or family member.

Just after landing, the humidity hit me like a truck. My nose starts to run, I start to sweat (after 20 hours in a tin can with no shower I already stunk), and I dash into the nearest bathroom to reapply some much needed deodorant. I look at my phone and see my mom’s “how was the flight?? did you sleep??” text.

I’m calling today Day: 0. It’s the typical move into my dorm day, but instead of heading out with Mom and Dad to the nearest Bed, Bath, and Beyond (the college dorm room 101 store) I have to figure it out. And, the fact that I arrived in the Brisbane International Airport at around 10 am doesn’t help with the ceremonial first day.

On the plane ride I set a few goals for myself. Pretty easy in theory, but I want to really experience Australia, and to do that I need to get comfortable doing things I normally wouldn’t do.

First, always seek the adventure. Experiences aren’t just going to make themselves, they take work, planning, and a little luck.

Second, always be doing something new. Try that cafe on the other side of the street, Order a meal that just sounds Australian.

Third, make every moment count. If it looks cool, take a picture of it. If it’s a beautiful sunset, take a picture of it. Maybe take a quick video on the dive spot I’m about to go to.

In conclusion, I think I’m ready for this adventure. It will be tough keeping myself on these rules, but it’s possible. Will I adjust well? Will I make some mates? Will I experience most (if not all) of what Australia has to offer? I don’t know yet, but I refuse to fly home having not even tried.