Grey Matters

Today is the very first day of my life when I sit alone, no one around silence and solitude. Did I win or did I loose? If I won why is there silence? If I succeeded, why is there solitude? Why? How? Where? Firstly who are you? would be the starter.

I am a woman, an ordinary woman. I live in a country that has been misrepresented in the world, I too believed in alot of misconceptions but in my story you will find otherwise how wonderful this country is. i always loved reading and writing and hence, in the alone time that I have now and will be having every week, I am going to use words to mirror my life events hoping that some young girl in a far corner of the world reads this and wipes the tears flowing from her eyes and smiles saying to herself, “If she can do it, so can I.”

The first question again, why? Why silence? Why solitude? I am a woman, and today as the past few weeks, my three lovely kids have gone off to meet their father. Its his visitation day. Yes, we recently got divorced. What has changed suddenly is that first time in my whole life, I am all alone, with out anyone. I wasnt alone last week because I had my mother, father and everyone with me. Now I dont. What happened? Grey matters. Lots of grey matters…