Project for Old People

We have a lot of work in our life and we have to complete that work. In this situation we are going to do a project which is the mega project. Hence we decided to put our efforts for old people whose children are not giving the facilities and love to them and they are compelled to live in old houses. In this project our group has some goals which are following:

-Plan to achieve

-Achievement by timeline.

-Task of each group member

-Details of activities of 15 days


Plan to achieve

When we start a work firstly we draft that work means what will be our plans according to project and what we will do? So we will work for old people. We will raise our voice for them and we will visit the old houses and try to talk with their children and we will convince them that they have to complete their responsibilities. Also we will run an awareness campaign for the old parents.

Achievement by timeline

Every project can’t successful if we don’t decide the timeline for that. So we decided a timeline for the completion of our task. Firstly we will visit an old home by Saturday. Then we collect the aids for old people and buy some necessaries for them by Monday-Friday. Then again we will go to the old house and we give them those necessaries. Then we will take the phone number of their children from old house and talk with them. Then we perform our campaign at different places.

Task by each group member

Each project need’s team work. So we will also do a teamwork and we all put our efforts collectively. First of all we all group members collect the donation then we all visit together of old house. Then Farhan will take the phone numbers. Samra will buy the necessaries for them. Tauseef, Irfan will design posters for campaign and Jawad will find the places where we will go.

Detail of activities of 15 days

Hence we want to put our all efforts in this project so we have a list of activities of last 15 days. In the last 15 days we will talk with the children of people and then we will run our campaign vastly.


Without putting hard effort we can’t get good result so we will put our all efforts in this project and we are expecting that many people will be think about their parents and they will never leave their parents in old houses.

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