Changing My Mind About Stay-at-home Moms
Anastasiya Mozgovaya

The main thing I’ve learnt so far is that, when it comes to raising children and being working parents, there isn’t one right way. Everyone’s circumstances are unique and we all face different challenges. What may work for one family won’t work for another. It’s tempting to think that the way my family do things is the best way, but as I’ve got older—and hopefully a little wiser—I’m becoming much slower at judging how others do things. I’m just thankful for all those parents who work their butts off trying to make life work for them and their kids. It isn’t easy and, inevitably, we don’t always make the right choices, but most parents are simply trying to do the best they can. I am glad to see also that there is less of an expectation now that it only be the woman who stays at home and looks after the kids. I know plenty of men who do most of the childcare while their wife pursues her career. Even for myself, I have chosen a job where three days a week I am able to drop my girls and school and then pick them up and look after them. I like being involved and part of their everyday lives. Again, my choice isn’t for everyone, but I’m glad we live in a world where more and more possibilities are deemed perfectly acceptable.

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