We are all very busy in our lives that sometimes we could not able to do those things that we wanted to do. It’s actually because of our priorities that we have in our life. There are many things in one’s life that is just a desire, a wish to complete. It did not have any concern with one’s academic or professional life. There are many things in life that one wants to do just for pleasure and fun and that’s it. These are the kind of desires that when completed gave him an eternal happiness that is just tremendous. The happiness that one feels is not just because of completing one’s desire but it is actually because of the satisfaction and calm about doing something other than from usual.

I also have a desire to complete in my life and that has nothing to do with my academic life nor my professional. It is just my eternal wish to complete it but because of the busy schedule I just could not able to do it. I am actually very obsessed with K-pop, there is no specific reason but the day when I start listening to it, it just attract me that much and I actually want to learn Korean language, even a little bit. I always wants to start taking online courses but always end up not doing it. But this time I have started it with firm belief. This time I just did not think about a lot of stuff but just in my free time to start listening to the lectures one by one.

Completion of desire needs commitment.

The most important thing a person needs is the belief in doing something.

I decided to start my desire by dividing it into following tasks:

  1. Start listening lectures.
  2. Spare my free time on it.
  3. Start making notes in order to remember it.
  4. Start speaking with myself during my night walk.

In the past because of time management and due to other academic stuff, I just could not able to start it. Now when I start listening to lectures, the one thing that came to understand that ‘‘I just need to start doing and the latter will go on.’’

The thing that was creating problem during the way of completing my desire is actually that The whole I was just thinking about it, I was not implementing it. Through the past times I was just wondering whether I should do it but in reality I was not even doing anything. The whole time I was just blaming my work and my time that I could not able to do it due to less time or my busy schedule. But the thing was, I was not committing myself to do it and that’s why it was not happening.

I started doing this on Wednesday of this week and just sat down in front of the screen and start listening to the first lecture. The 1st lecture was of about 6 mins and during my lecture I started writing it in order to remember it.

Greeting in Korean Language

After taking the first lecture, I just try to memorize it. The thing that I felt at that time was that nothing stops in that 6 mins. Everything was occurring usual. Then my mind just told me that ‘‘The biggest barrier was actually myself because it was all over me who was not doing anything through this whole time.’’ And one thing I also realize it’s about the priorities that one gave to specific things. It’s not the fault of the things that is happening in one’s life.

That’s how one start working on something.

After it I believe on one thing and that was:

After my first lecture then on Thursday I started my second lecture and it was also about 6–7 mins and I again memorized it and also revised my previous lecture as well. It just took my 15 mins whole.

The thing about life is that:

There is another factor and an inspiration about completion of desires and that is :

After completing this little desire of mine, I am actually feeling very happy and satisfied. Due to this I don’t know why but I am feeling like a brave person who just overcome life difficulties in order to complete a desire. After this I just have one thing for myself and that is:

Procrastination kills.

After completion of these two lectures that I have taken this week, I will continue to listen further next in life and the best way is to do it is to

‘‘Just start doing it.’’

I will try my best to continue this.