So You Have a Fantastic Idea? Now here’s How to bring it to Fruition!

“We are what we do, not what we say.”

If this saying sounds familiar, then good. You are already halfway there!

It’s not uncommon to think that Facebook, iPhones, Uber, and the like were all imagined by people long before the actually products and platforms became available. The problem here lies in where these people didn’t take any action, potentially missing out on a great idea becoming reality (and the amount of cash that comes with it!).

Taking the next step to bring your great idea to fruition is not as easy as it sounds, and many entrepreneurs and CEOs struggled for years, even decades before they were able to make some grand success possible. To become a millionaire before the age of 30 is not unheard of. In fact, many of the people changing the world today are UNDER 30 (some scarily so) and you can be the same. There are some serious factors and tips you need to be aware of in order to make this change and bring your next idea to the table. Read on for some (free) advice!

You MUST be Realistic

We all get excited by our next, great ideas but unfortunately, this makes us want to achieve success super-fast. The reality is that this will lead you down the wrong track almost 90% of the time. In order to be successful, you must carry out a form or ‘reality-check’ on your idea and see if the problem you are solving is actually one that will be drastically wanted. Don’t be biased and filled with dreams of grandeur and do the actual research required. It all starts here…

Make Sure You Have the Resources Required

It’s not always about how much money you have to from the business into reality, but the other resources that will be required, such as what materials, time, effort, and action it will take to get this idea done. If it works out that you will still make a profit, then there is a good chance that your idea will succeed.

Make Sure You Have Clear Cut Goals

If all you have is the next great idea but nothing else to back it up or try to achieve, then sorry, but your idea will stay an idea until someone else has the focus to craft a detailed and dedicated goal plan. Knowing exactly what you want to achieve by different time intervals is a great way to see if your business is on track and becoming more of a reality. Separate the different divisions and make sure that specific goals are frequently applied to said divisions. You need to act like a boss, not an employee. One of the most important aspects in this section is team leadership. If you don’t have what it takes then read some books or take some classes. With the amount available everywhere these days, it shouldn’t be hard. This is what separates you from the dreamers!

Don’t Just Set Goals, Set Milestones Too

Milestones are a more complex type of goal. It’s the type of goal that you envision reaching after a certain period of time has passed, for example your first 6 months or first year. These are absolutely incremental in creating a business and goal oriented company and achieve success at a faster rate. People usually give up the most when they haven’t planned out where they would be or set unrealistic milestones. Don’t let this happen to you too!

Craft the Perfect Team

After your company begins to launch and you have all the investors loaded, take time to select the perfect dream team for your business. These must be the very best you can either afford or find but try not to be cheap in this regard. Better staff means better results, and higher productivity rates. All this in turn, means more success and more profit. Your team should not be your friends but nor should they be treated as strangers. Three’s a fine line between great boss and pushover. Make sure that you adopt a positive mindset and don’t let your staff see you stressed or uncouth as this will ruin their image of you. Keep up the high spirit and you’ll see your team imitate and display the same kind of grandeur for your business.

Set the Example

This was touched on earlier but it warrants another explanation. When it comes to your great idea, you cannot take it alone. When you have hired your dream team and have created that perfect work environment, you need to be in the trenches when you can (if you can). It serves the right message to your staff that you are here to work and so should they. Everyone has a morale boost when their great boss comes in to work just as hard as the little guys. Take full advantage of this psychological standpoint!

Constantly Take In Constructive Criticism/Feedback

When you have an idea, you should share uit with a few potential testers or people in order to gain some outside feedback. Many people are worried that their idea will be stolen but many times this is not the case. As long as it is trademarked or copyrighted, your intellectual property will be safe and you may find some much needed feedback strengthens the weaknesses in your brand.

Pick Your Fights

You need to be someone who can stand their ground on many important decisions or if you have a certain vision for something but when it comes to the little things, you must know how to pick your battles. This methodology doesn’t always come into play during business life but personal also. If it works in every aspect of life, pay heed to this bit of advice. Fighting everyone on everything will eventually drain and demotivate you, not to mention the rest of your team!

Be Extremely Patient

Bringing your next great idea to fruition will take A LOT of patience and it won’t happen in one night. Rome was not built in a day and neither will your business. You will have times when you think it’s best to just quit or give up but those who are successful are only so because they pushed through these reoccurring feelings. Yes, it will happen a few times than you’d like but it will all be worth it in the end. Just be patient!

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