Elon Musk didn’t go far enough…drain the battery!

If you live on this planet, the one thing that shouldn’t surprise you is how quickly Elon Musk can push things through, and be really successful at it.

Read from the guy who set this in motion: https://medium.com/@loic/elon-musk-turns-a-tweet-into-reality-in-6-days-6189c1795a41#.k45wam43b

Elon Musk’s response to a user’s tweet on the Supercharger stations being abused by entitled Neanderthals, was impressive in how quickly it was implemented and pushed out. Do not know if this was always something Tesla had in the hopper and pushed out as soon as it could be socially acceptable. Regardless, rather impressive!

However, the penalty being charged may be shrugged off by the owner of a Tesla as merely a badge of honor. Tesla/ Musk should have taken more extreme steps.

Here are some possibilities- pretty sure, people can come up with even more interesting and possibly Machiavellian solutions.

a) Blacklist a habitual offender- Easy enough, you abuse the system a number of times in a period of time, you get blacklisted. A Supercharger will inform you that you are a social misfit and that you need to go pound sand for a bit, before you can charge your car here again.

b) Drain the battery- Once the grace period expires, start draining the battery, until the battery contains just enough charge to reach the next charging station (with the current one refusing to charge this car for a period of time).

c) Tow the car- After a grace period, automatically call a tow truck (in the future this would obviously be a driverless tow truck) that would tow the car.

d) Balance Karma- For being an asshole and using the station as a parking spot, we will charge you the equivalent amount of what it takes to fully charge the next 5/10 cars. Nothing pisses off people when they feel their money is being given to someone else.

e) Miscellaneous inconveniences- Reset all peripheral connections. Have fun pairing your Bluetooth device again and again! Reset all driving preferences, play an obnoxious song endlessly…so many mildly sinister ways to remind the owner that no unkind deed goes unpunished by Tesla.

Please feel free to add your suggestions.

Full disclosure- I do not own a Tesla, nor do I want one, well maybe, not sure, quite happy with my Camry that gets me where I need to go, even when I don’t want to get there. I intensely dislike driving and would rather use public transport any day of the week. This is a result of being rather bored and having way too much coffee as I am trying to learn TensorFlow.



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