Just a few days before our testnet, the Hubble team came together for a community call to talk about what’s been up. We were quite amazed to see the turnout.

Agenda for the call:

  1. Intro of the Team.
  2. Progress Update
  • Testnet Progress Update.
  • Testnet deployment: 12th October, 3 PM UTC. — Arpit
  • Whitelisted addresses update. — Manthan

3. Trading Interface reveal. — Arpit

  • Brief walk through of the private deployment. — Arpit
  • Comments on the interface — Arpit, Sam

4. Roadmap — Arpit

5. Community (less external, more internal). — Sam

  • Hubble Héros — Sam
  • Coordinape Circle for Mods — Sam
  • Twitter Liq Bot by Devdatt and Lexilier. — Sam
  • Hubble Space Cat reveal. — Sam
  • Opening up to community-initiated projects. — Sam
Source: Dezeen

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Sam Ratnakar

Hubble Exchange, Daofolio

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