In the next few years, DAOs will collectively be one of the world’s largest employers. In the last few months, DAOs have hired a new type of work-force: contributors. They’re not employees, they don’t sign non-competes or vesting agreements. Instead, their time commitment is fluid, their efforts are voluntary and their work is quantified and compensated by their co-workers distributively.

This is the new realm of work.

Yet until now, we do not have an industry-standard to represent this new type of contributor-based work experience.

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Talent is a scarce commodity. The best companies have mastered the art of having top technical talent gravitate towards them. What is it that attracts them? Hint: it’s not money. Today, the millennial workforce values experience beyond monetary compensation. Banking on this very sentiment, companies like Google have created a Unique Selling Culture — one that helps them compete for talent effectively.

It’s the delicious food, the wavy hammocks, the trippy interiors, the nostalgia inducing arcade machines. Money is fungible. The best start-ups understand this. They also understand that what’s not fungible is culture. It’s unique. You can’t replicate it…

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Business has evolved over thousands of years. It’s a beautifully architected system of operation with a lot of fundamental concepts well established and engrained into common-knowledge — concepts like the one of a CEO. Every organization needs a CEO. It’s a legal requirement. It’s how we allocate accountability to satisfy shareholders. Over thousands of years, business has evolved into a structured hierarchy. It has evolved to have a leader, have a chain of command. It has evolved into being scalable. My father often says “if humans can live for a hundred years, why do companies die so young?”. …

On the 9th of December, about 10 days ago, we launched MintFlint publicly. A lot has happened over the last ten days, including our launch party at Dctrl on the 14th of December! In this spirit, I thought there’s no better time to look back over the last 10 days and outline all that has happened and what we’ve learned.

Binance APIs

Perhaps the most recent event and the most obvious one to talk about at the moment. Two days ago, we went over Binance’s API request limit (100k per 24 hours) and were banned from making new requests. The volume of…

We’ve come a long way at MintFlint. We’ve spent the last few weeks in public beta, having users from all over the world try out the platform and improving it everyday. We’ve released more than 40 builds/updates in both, public and private beta. Currently, we’re at 32 daily active users and have generated a revenue of over 270+ MTF just this week. 270 MTF. That’s users utilising MintFlint for its utility, not for trading, monetory gain or speculative purposes. For utility. Today, we were approved by Apple for the AppStore and will be making our appearance on the market soon.

Sam Ratnakar

Co-creator @daofolio

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