microsoft / turn 10

Footnotes to accompany today’s wave of a new console’s reviews

valve software

Last week’s Valve Software announcements add up to challenge the titular use of “Software.”

My journey to Belarus started with a tank wound and ended with a techno-fueled attack by paint-bombs.

Nintendo of america

The new Nintendo 2DS is a cost-saving salvo against Apple’s dominance, but a leaked document suggests it’s a teaser for Nintendo’s next real move.


Instead of celebrating the return of beloved game Earthbound, Sam turns up sour grapes.

Sex positivity, Seattle, and the Dr. Ruth version of the Death Star

Transistor, Courtesy of supergiant games

Sam spent a week at E3, and after reading this story, we’re not sure if he’ll ever be invited back.

The family that games together does not stay together, as far as the old Wii-style guard is concerned.

Sam Machkovech

Put down the guns, the arm-hacking axes, and the metaphors, Sony and Microsoft. Let’s settle this console battle Charleston-style.

Sam Machkovech

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