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Sam Red-Haired
May 29, 2019 · 4 min read
We’re just brains, livin’ in a quantum mechanical world….

Welcome to my “Today I Learned” series. Three days a week, I write down three things I learned that day. They might be profound things, enlightening things, silly things, useless things, educational things, surprising things, things I really ought to have already known, or some kind of thing that’s some weird linear combination of all of those things.

You can find every TIL article I’ve written on Medium below.

Table of Contents

August 2019:

July 2019:

June 2019:

May 2019:

April 2019:

I wrote these things daily for a couple of years on my Facebook account. If you’re hungry for more content and you really want to slog through literally unformatted walls of text in an ugly blog, you may find what you’re looking for in my autogenerated pre-Medium archive at

Non-TIL Content:

I have occasionally written words other than things I learned that day. Here are a few:

  • A quick look at a subtle problem with BMIs:
  • A friendly (if sarcastic) meditation on the improbability of life:
  • A puzzle about the evolution of sexual behavior, thinly disguised as a short story.
Sam Red-Haired

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A graduate student who learns things sometimes.

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