total quality management is very important in peoples life!!!!

1.concept of lean(elimination of waste)

i become very annoyed some times when i have detected the concept of lean tremendously work in my life i found that i wasted a lot of my time in face book but now i used google keep downloaded from google play really helpful for me to find out any stuff even i dont waste my time on other search ,prayer five time namaz ,give time to my precious mom and dad,and eliminate the wastage of time only after taking class of total quality management i perceived the value of quality and understand how important is this..

2.using 5 s

i have start to clean my wardrobe,and hang in hanger properly for immediate wearing then i should arrange my all slippers and sanddles, or self arrange my daily wearing jewelry and save my time ,i have realized that now i do better arrangement in my wardrobe and improved process.

3.error proofing (dont except the defect,dont pass the defect,finally dont make defects)

it is not useful for any person to pass on any information for every one means i got 50 plus massages in every day but i dont pass it on so i usually read it but dont respond,even dont pass to my friends if there is no relevant information or usually dont type on messages any irrelevant information before considering it.. so i work on error proofing to maintain quality management in my life

4. cost of poor quality

i become very felicitous when i have detected the cost of poor quality in my life so i decided to remove it from my life i work hard and dont compromise till excellence in my life i have real i practice finance questions 10 time, because i thought when till i dont get exact answer i dont compromise dont maintain cost of poor quality in my educational life ,i work hard and did when ever i dont achieve excellence or absolute command on question..

5. continuous improvement

i can follow my leader( my father)who can back and forth checking my performance on daily basis i usually focuses on their act and take commands on him to improve my life and maintain the quality management forever i offers prayer daily what ever i have important work but when i heared azan i leave all my work and stand immediately,for maintaining quality management by continuous improvement because it is very important element for every human being.

1. i make plain for every thing to make continuous improvement

2.then do what ever i make plains

3.then check my plains

4.then finally act on it

the journey of improving my self is not competed yet let just hope to maintain it and achieve my goals inshallah..

written by; samreen mehmood, MBA 3 b

under the supervision of my teacher syed abdul basit , from Behria university Karachi campus