Workplace Color makes a huge difference!

This is on a wall at the Times Internet office in Gurgaon, India. I discovered it on the same floor I sit, after being here for over 15 weeks. Around 21:00hrs, I was tired and walking aimlessly around the floor looking outside the glass window, when I saw this on a wall

As if this wasn’t enough, the adjacent wall has your friendly superheroes to save the day.

And right in front of this is a lovely fabric clad panel

And just around the corner, if you ever visit us — you will see this

I love the energy around me, bought alive by all the wall art. Workplace color is such a motivator and energizer.

People here are happier than most places I have seen. Yes there is the stress, late nights, schedules to keep, deadlines to meet and things to be done. But all that is everywhere. What’s not, are these small moments of joy and serendipity, at 21:00 hrs on a Friday…something to make you want to come back to work by next week.

There are many such places at the workplace. I think I will cover all of them going ahead.

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