I learned that every person can do great in his life but there is a need to believe in our self, and such believe can only develop or enhanced when somebody praise you, give positive remarks, make you feel worthy, appreciate your work or efforts. It automatically motivates you to excel, to do your work with more passion and dedication and help you to shine or make your own identity.

Every person is born with equal abilities except few special once. When we’re born, and start learning different things we’re in a position of the followers. We start copying or perceiving behaviors, attitude, style, thinking of the person who grow us but when we start exploring the real world our actual learning or grooming starts. We’re expose to different people and their lives and their positive or negative nature accordingly we start building our self. Believing or trusting our self or others.

Here a question arises that if everything goes so smoothly then where the problem lies? How and when a person stop using his capabilities, start thinking negative, inferior than others, lose his self-confident or self-believe.

The answer to this question is that our single negative comment, action or behavior discourage somebody to do his task appropriately.

Before joining Amal fellowship there were very few people I knew, that motivated or encouraged us, found some positivity in our work and I think that they were rear or different. Even I never gave positive remarks if someone performed bad.

After joining Amal fellowship, I learned that how to find positivity in everything even in a bad situation. How to motivate, encouraged, give positive feedback, help someone. Thus, the other person start taking responsibilities, performing good and putting all his efforts to his work.

Why this is important because when somebody praised us we feel good and motivated and do our work with more effort or dedication. Ultimately, a never ended chain of self grooming will start.

Doing work — Learning — Positive feedback — Improvement — Increase Self-Confidence — Take Responsibility — Face Risk —Patience — Corporation — Communication — Teamwork — Humility — Happiness — Positivity — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Finally, we comes to that position where we become leaders even without authority but with our positivity.

Here another point that must be noted which is “Just start”. One can only praise you if you do some effort or work. If you think that you do nothing and expect that everyone praise you then you’re wrong. If you do nothing people will expect nothing from you. You must initiate.

All valuable lesson that I learned from this fellowship take me in the right direction now it depends on me how I apply these lessons in my life. Beyond this fellowship, I will try to show positivity that I learn from my teachers. Will encourage my class fellows, juniors and my love once, and always give positive feedback and help them to improve in their work. This will not only help other people but also open new opportunities of learning new things for me.

I hope I can follow all these lessons till my death.

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