So, Sam, what’s your role in the eduly business?

I’m CMO, which means I’m the guy tasked with marketing eduly. The most important part of what I do is making sure teachers, parents, heads, nursery managers and anyone else that comes into contact with eduly, knows what the app is all about and the mission that we are on.

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I know as a parent I’d be better engaged in my kids’ education if my daughter’s nursery and son’s school adopted eduly, so I need to make sure we spread the eduly message far and wide!

As a marketing professional you must see lots of businesses, what inspired you to join eduly?

Since the end of term we’ve been beavering away, bringing together feedback from parents and teachers to ready ourselves for building more great functionality into the app for the new school year in September. As we’ve been working our way through the data, we’re seeing and hearing great things about the impact that eduly is having on parents engagement with their children’s life at school.

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Parents are telling us they love seeing what their children get up to in the classroom, and are engaged with every post that goes up on their newsfeed. But, most importantly, parents are more engaged with their children at home, talking to them about the work they have been doing during the day. In our parent survey we asked ‘How much more do you speak to your child about what they do at school?’ (1 being no change and 10 being very often). …

Nat’s top five eduly features for teachers

We’re delighted to have finished a very successful first term at Rack House Primary School. Before heading off for a well earned summer break, class teacher Nat Brown gave us her view on which features she had found most useful.

1.) Direct messaging parents

When it was first announced that we’d be using eduly, I asked the head “will that not just mean I’m going to spend lots more time responding to parents messages?”. This absolutely hasn’t been the case. The ability to send direct messages straight to parents, makes my life so much easier. I send messages when it is convenient and parents also respond when it’s convenient for them as well. This means I’m able to deal with a message in the right way, instead of rushing a parent after school. The messages I do get from parents are dealt with much quicker than if the same parent came to school to talk directly which really helps me out. …

Roy, you’re a co-founder of eduly. How did it all start for you?

I’ve owned my own digital development agency for the last 8 years. In that time, I’ve worked with organisations like Google and Nestle, developing apps, websites and learning from the best in the business. I’ve always had an urge to find a way of using mobile technology to do something that will make a real impact on the world. …

eduly has now been live at Rack House Primary School for three weeks. I sat down with two of the class teachers who have been using the app to see how they were getting to grips with bringing mobile technology into the classroom.

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Three weeks in. How easy are you finding eduly to use?

It’s very easy to use, I think it’s been really fun and it’s great being able to let parents know what is going on in class. Parents seem to be more keen to use it because it’s like Facebook, so they are finding it very familiar. …

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Max at home with his 8 year old daughter

So Max, let’s start with introducing yourself. What’s home-life like for you?

Married for fourteen years, with two jobs, one child and two dogs, life is pretty busy! Whilst, aside from work and school, through the week, we don’t get time to do much, we always try and walk the dogs as a family. At the weekends we seem to forever be running a taxi service for my daughter; from classes to parties but we love it really. Holidays for us centre around driving down to our holiday home in St Ives — just a beautiful place to unwind.

How engaged do you feel in your daughter’s education?

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We are so proud to release our app to the world. We’ve got lots more functionality planned for future releases but what we have now will knock your socks off! This will change, forever, the way parents and schools work together.

Here are our five favourite features that can help parents get closer to their child’s life in class:

  1. Regular updates and images posted to your eduly news feed directly from class

Your child’s teacher will be posting to keep you updated on class-life. Whether it’s activities they undertake, work they do, recognition or guidance they receive, you will see it all. …

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After months of hard work burning the midnight oil developing the features that will revolutionise early years education for parents and teachers, we are delighted to announce we will be launching the app in our first school, Rack House Primary School this week.

Rack House Primary School, is in Northern Moor, South Manchester. To achieve their aims, the school understands the need to engage parents to actively contribute to their children’s success. When we introduced eduly a few months ago, the teachers saw the potential the app brings in terms of how it connects a classroom teacher and the work a child does in class with parents. …

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