As we all know DENTISTRY is a vast subject which has been studied in tremendous amounts of depth but this blog contains few dental terms in layman’s language and clarification of misconceptions regarding scaling (teeth cleansing by ultrasonic tools).

I came across many patients and 65% of them were afraid of scaling. 75% flow of patients carry BPL card in their hand (Below Poverty Line) in our hospital, remaining patients are lower or middle class. Do they understand what oral hygiene is? Do you understand your mouth? If people do not understand his or her diagnosis or the importance of prevention and treatment plans then I am sorry they are struggling with their health issues.

Our MOUTH is full of bacteria. We call it bacterial flora of oral cavity. Human mouth is such a dirty place, it contains dirt as much as in a drain (Nala/Guttar in hindi). It gives wet & moderate temperature which is good for bacteria to reproduce… Instead of being a dirty place it is miraculous that we do not suffer from much infections due to it, hence you take your mouth for granted. But we actually need oral bacteria for digestion.

According to acidogenic theory by D. Miller, imbalance in bacterial flora can lead to the production of acidic compound by micro-organisms that can damage the teeth. This theory helps you understand the actual cause of caries.

Oral cavity of new born baby does not contain bacteria but rapidly become colonised with bacteria such as Streptococcus salivarius which is present in human saliva.

Heavy staining & calculus deposits on lingual surface of lower front teeth along the gum line

Calculus formation is associated with a number of clinical manifestations.

For example:

· Chronic Halitosis (Bad breath)

· Gingivitis & periodontitis (bagginess over gums, bleeding gums)

Calculus is too hard to remove with your tooth brush. It can be removed with ultrasonic tools or dental hand instruments (scalers).

Now, the big question arises for patients where they ask, “Will my loosen teeth tighten up after scaling?”


1.If you have a large deposits holding your teeth together, removal of that deposits by deep cleaning like sub gingival (deposits below the gums) & root planning will loosen your teeth but don’t worry root planning & scaling are indicated or advised by doctors to improve the health of your gums and thus tighten up your teeth. Our tissue has the power to regenerate.

2.If you have gum diseases then as well you need a deep cleaning since gum disease creates pockets of bacteria and infection between tooth and gum itself. This can lead to loose teeth. By cleaning the gums and removing these pockets, your gums will become healthier and they will tighten up on the teeth again. So don’t get too worried, you just need to go see a dentist as soon as possible.

How can you prevent formation of calculus?

Calculus can only be prevented by preventing formation of plaque which is white coloured soft deposits on teeth. Plaque formation is a 24 x 7 process, it continues even after brushing.


Brush your teeth (by using modified bass method for adults and Fones method for kids) and floss twice a day is the best way to remove plaque. However, if it is not removed it hardens and becomes calculus. Unfortunately only dentist can help you get out of this situation.

If you neglect your oral hygiene and ignore your periodic cleaning, chronic halitosis invites you. Even worse your gums may be affected badly. Moreover, untreated gum diseases are the main cause of tooth loss in early age.



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