Making founders go global

Founding or expanding a business overseas sounds pretty damn cool — the thought of combining what you do and love with new cultural experiences is likely to be extremely exciting for any founder.

One day, I want to expand Zeelo or start a new business abroad but where do I start? I would need to:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of suitable markets — what are the ‘local’ factors that suggest I would have product-market fit? What ‘local’ factors present barriers or limit the chance of success?
  • Understand how people ‘do’ business there — what are the cultural norms I need to know about?
  • Consider the legal implications — how do I set up a business there? Can I get a working visa? What are the tax implications?
  • Understand the competitive landscape to learn and understand how my business can win
  • Build a network to allow me to do business and thrive there

Unless you’re a more established business that can afford advisory services, that’s a lot to work out. It’s enough to put most people off from doing it at all. I find it astonishing that in the so-called ‘global’ world we live in today, so much of this information isn’t more freely shared across borders.

That’s why I’m drumming up interest for Global Founders, a global pen-pal network for founders aimed at sharing knowledge and making cross-border founder connections. If you can relate to the issues I’ve outlined, then go ahead and:

  1. Register your interest HERE
  2. Share on social media and with your network, preferably internationally
  3. Contact me with feedback on how we can solve this problem (..or if I’m way off the mark!)
  4. Contact me if you want to be involved. I’ve not got time to do this solo.

We can learn so much from founders across the globe. Let’s make starting up overseas feel accessible.