How Meditation Can Improve Your Wellbeing

Meditation is fundamental to your well-being and overall health. In the fast paced world we currently live in, most people have very little time and we are rushing around trying to fit things in to our daily schedules. When we do have a little of this scarce resource we use substances such as alcohol or drugs which ultimately, we are using to try and find the peace, relaxation and a way to disconnect from all the distractions.

Meditation can give you all of the above and more.

It is a free resource and the highs are much more intense and ecstatic than substance use/abuse. It does not take very long to learn a technique but the impact and effect can be life changing and highly addictive. A huge benefit is that you will recall the experience unlike drugs or alcohol which may cause blackouts and over time, memory loss, health problems and even death. Meditation will give you a better experience and do the opposite. It will improve your life endlessly!

But most people believe you have to adopt the lotus posture and chant mantras in order to meditate but that could not be further from the truth. Techniques such as Raja Yoga which is used in India teach you to meditate with your eyes open so that it is possible to relax in any situation or environment.

In any case, mediation is all about learning to calm your focus and mind and use it to relax your body. This can be achieved through breathing exercises and visualisation. People who meditate will feel the many benefits immediately and if done correctly they will become followers and use it regularly.

Mediation relaxes the mind, body and brings you to the present moment. It will teach you that the soul and body are two separate entities. The body will perish one day however the soul is eternal. It existed before it entered the body and will continue to exist even after the body has expired.

It will increase your awareness and teach you to live like your genuine true self instead of how you think everyone else wants you to live. During meditation you will visualise and will see and receive many messages which can act as your guide. When you become proficient enough you will be able to decipher and analyse these allowing you to accept and discard the useful from the useless out of your life.

In a meditative state one can also achieve amazing results. If we are relaxed, focused and centred on the task at hand, you will be astounded at the results you can produce. It is almost like a self induced trance state that you control with the goal of improving your lifestyle, health, wellbeing and mindset.

We all do it unconsciously when we enter this trance like state every day when we watch TV and are oblivious to everything around us or when we are driving and sometimes fail to recall a part of a journey. Through mediation we can learn to go into this trance rather than letting it happen to us unwittingly.

As you can see there are numerous benefits of practising Meditation but theory and practice are entirely different phenomena’s. To experience this extraordinary feeling I would recommend trying it for yourself and then measuring the impact and change it made on your life rather than taking my word for it.