Day 25 — Daily UI Challenge So far…

The whole UI available in my twitter account

Successfully completed the Daily UI challenge for 25 days. Just crossed the magical number 21(read it somewhere)to make myself productive and break my boredom routine life

From day 1 I decided that every morning before getting started to office, i need to design the UI and tweet them right away. Even though my initial plan was to follow a user centric process to come up with a design solution, it got diluted due to my laziness. But i always completed the challenge.

Most of my UIs were designed for mobile application and tried out few for other devices too, such as apple TV, LCD displays (In-car-entertainment) and Kiosk.

Things Learnt…

  1. Inspire from things around you: Always thinking big and distracted by too much browsing, time passed swiftly and my Photoshop layer was a clean slate. I decided to limit the inspirations to my surroundings, Just observe and recreate from the things which i see, feel and need.
Inspired from Google assistant, but the actual inspiration came from the snooze button which i hit every day morning. Just crossed both

2. Try the third perspective: I also think about why things are designed in same way and what can be done slightly differently. Designing an calculator was an eye opener, Actually I searched to find is there anything out there in internet similar to my thought and i got one for my inspiration and built on it

3. When your not in the mood, dont skip: In between days, i had few bad days were i thought of pushing the design to later part of the day. But i didn’t do so, as we postpone things we will be tempted to do it every time. So made up my time not to skip and push to design something even if i dont have the my mindset.

The designs which liked

I like all of my designs, but the Top 3 were

1. 404 page

Inspiration came from my morning breakfast :D

2. User Profile

Always in love with the Harley Queen, Margot made it special. So was dedicated to her

3. E-commerce page

I’m dreaming of opening a one in near future. Still Dreaming…

Hope to improve my best and push my limits for the next 25.
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