Bangkok: Night 1

I hate travel writing. In most cases, it just seems like a bunch of humble bragging about how lovely the scenes are, how delicious the food is, how life-changing the experience was, yada-yada-no-one-cares.

The travel writers I gravitate to fit more into the category of rant-filled ex-pats and angsty explorers unafraid to tell you about the gnarly underbelly of each destination. I always say that’s the kind of travel writing I’d consider. Honest, real, and sans rose-colored glasses.

So it’s time to put my money where my mouth is:
Thailand got me.

Settle down party animals; this isn’t from drinking buckets in Phuket or a wild night at a pingpong show in Bangkok. I was in bed at around 7:30, despite a valiant effort to make it to a night market. The truth is, the 24 hours of travel also got me, and I was totally spent. So I laid my head down, thinking I’ll get a good night’s rest, and be up bright and early to shoot some temples and explore some markets.

I just didn’t realize bright and early would mean 4 AM. And the only temple I’d be visiting is the porcelain one that resides in my hostel’s hot, humid, smelly bathroom.

If I had a nickel for every warning I received and read in my own research about being aware of where and what you’re eating here, I could easily fund this entire trip. But it appears the warnings were in vein, because after an hour of intense nausea, and an attempt at downing some activated charcoal, I’ve thrown up. A lot.

Some real confessions:
Admitted to myself and Garrett that it may have been a little overly ambitious thinking I can get by eating nothing but the local cuisine this whole trip, when even Thai food at home gets to me sometimes.

Also admitted to myself that the little hole-in-the-wall I ate at earlier maybe wasn’t the best dining option.

Briefly considered looking at flights to Japan where I know I can eat anything and everything.

Very briefly considered looking at flights home. I’m a big ol’ baby when I’m nauseous.

Travel isn’t always glamorous. Especially if you’re backpacking. But it’s still filled with experiences worth having. I’m off the do more research on how not to get sick, and possibly to hurl more. (TBD) I’ll leave you with some positives from the day (mainly for my mom):

  • Got caught in the rain on a ferry to see Wat Arun, which coming from the rainless-desert that is LA, was pretty lovely.
  • Saw some Buddhist monks in beautiful saffron robes.
  • Wandered through a very beautiful park in the heart of Bangkok.
  • Still not sure if it was the culprit, but did have a delicious meal (that appeared very fresh and healthy) for less than $3.
Was it you? Or was it the airplane food??

Thanks for reading, friends. Onto the next adventure.