So a while ago I got one of those little pink MacBooks. It’s a grand piece of kit and a significant upgrade from my 2010 vintage 11" air. This is roughly my twelfth mac since 1987, I guess that makes me count as an old-timer…

I like trains.

Actually it’s not so much the trains, it’s the railways. Where they go, the possibilities of getting to places, the routes and the bridges and the tunnels and the view through the window on the ever changing landscape.

It’s also the people and the conversations and the…

… my GCSE tech/electronics project was the “Wonder Waterer”.

It was solving a real problem.

My family normally went to France for the best part of the summer, and plant maintenance during this time was a genuine problem for us. We’d come home to at least one tray of desiccated…

This is probably blatantly obvious, but the Internet of Things is not really about the Things. Startups are not really about whatever product or service they are making. They are about the money, and changing the behaviour of people in order to extract money from them.

That money could come…

Running a household is an exercise in project management.

At least, that’s how we see it. I (Sam) am a software engineer and my wife (Sarah) is a nurse, so both our professional lives are all about getting shit done — and finding good ways to get said shit done.

Sam Easterby-Smith

Consulting Creative Technologist and Earth Mother.

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