Living In The Moment

It was roughly about two weeks ago where my friends and I went to Las Vegas for one of our good friends who’s getting married soon. It was fun and pretty low key throughout our stay there for a bachelor party. We did do bunch of things though. Did lots of walking down the strip, going to the Wynn and Bellagio hotels for their dinner buffets (which by the way, are AWESOME), clay shooting with shotguns, hiking and kayaking down the Colorado River in Arizona, little gambling for fun, and enjoying each other’s company over some drinks and inside jokes.

Out of everyone in the group, only me and our friend who’s about to get married soon don’t have Snapchat. I have my reasons for not having Snapchat due to the fact I see a lot of people snap everything or anything (which there’s nothing wrong with that at all) but I want to live in the moment and never miss it. Or maybe it’s just an excuse for me not to get one. I heard a friend say something to me recently that caught my attention.

“Recently I went to a friend’s wedding and it was beautiful. The ceremony was amazing and the bride was gorgeous. There was one problem, everyone pulled up Snapchat and was snapping it. They weren’t living in the moment of it, but rather in a 4–6 inch screens.”

And it’s true, millions of people use the social media as a tool to market what they’re doing and where they’re at. I’m guilty of this as well using my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We all are. I told myself that on this trip that I wouldn’t take any pictures because I wanted to be present with my close group of brothers. It was very hard to not take any photos since I do love taking photos! I enjoy editing pictures on the Vsco app and putting up on my social media. In fact, my friends were shocked I wasn’t documenting anything on the trip but also proud of me for living in the moment (I do wish I just took photos). Sometimes, we all just need a break of social media and just be present. I noticed that the trend of taking photos is slowly fading and that’s why we see Snapchat dominating today in this app market. I feel (not speaking for anyone else here) that Snapchat would take too much of my time. You may think, “Uhh Sam, what’s so hard holding down a virtual button on the screen for however long you want it to record?” True, but I can’t find myself having the time going through everyone’s story on Snapchat (even though it’s your choice to or not). Again, this maybe an excuse. Not going to lie though, I do feel a bit left out when everyone is on their phones checking out what others are up to. But hey, it’s a personal decision I made not to have the app. I can’t and won’t blame anyone for that.

I hope you don’t find this offensive at all. I’m not trying to downplay anyone who uses Snapchat. If it works for you, great! If it doesn’t, great! It’s crazy to think how much things have changed in the past 3 years of technology from snapping pictures for memories now to snapping videos of our daily lives via an app. I love technology and pretty interesting to see what’s going to be the next big thing.

I do want to encourage you though if you’re reading this, to give it a try living in the moment within the next couple days or this coming week. See how it goes. Did you like it? Did you not? Would love to hear about it!

Let me know your thoughts too. And yes, I still take photos and videos (just not via Snapchat) of hanging out with friends and whatnot.