4 Things That Will Stop You From Achieving Your 2018 Goals and Your New Year Resolutions

Now that you’ve just started 2018, here are 4 things that can stop you from accomplishing your goals or new year resolutions if you made any and how I can help you.

So, let’s get started.

Looking back, over the years, I have helped so many people move from their dreams and desires to their reality.

Before they met me, they have always longed to make their dreams and desires become a reality but they couldn’t,



Fear of Starting is holding you down.

The fear of starting is holding so many people from starting what they need to start.

You are so scared of starting.

There are many questions in your heart. You are wondering “what if I don’t succeed?”, 
“What if I mess up?”,
“What if I don’t get it right?”,
“What if I lose money?”,
“What if I don’t get any client or customer or follower?”
“What if I don’t get any help?”

There are many “What if” that are holding you down.

Again, your negative thoughts are also holding you down.

The voices you are hearing in your head are not encouraging. They are just negative, telling you, 
“You can’t make it.”, 
“You will fail.”, 
“You haven’t done this before.”, 
“They will laugh at you.”, 
“You don’t have the money.”, 
“You don’t have the experience.”, 
“They don’t know you.”, 
“You don’t have a degree.”,
“You can’t speak well.”,
“You can’t write well.”,
“You can’t even spell well.”.

These and many more are the voices you are hearing.

These voices have stopped you in years past.

Will you still allow them to stop you now?

I can help you start.
I can help you overcome the fear of starting.
I can help you get past those negative voices.


Everything in life has a HOW TO.

Another reason people don’t do what they desire or dream of, is lack of know how.

If that is your challenge, it is not a big deal. You and I can surmount that with ease.
All you need is the willingness to learn. Once you have that, it won’t be long, your dream will become a reality.

I will teach you all that you need to know to bring your dreams and desires to reality.


Without a support system, you can’t go far in life and career.

You need a support system!
How do I mean?
You need a mentor.
You need a guide.
You need a coach.
You need an instructor.
You need a feedback system.

Most people who fail at their dreams and desires often don’t have support system.

You can’t just depend on your sole knowledge and strength and wisdom.. That can only take you as far as you can go.

With a support system like a mentor and coach, you can go farther than you can think of.


Another reason most people don’t have their dreams and desires fulfilled is because they don’t know how to access resources that can build their career.

One way I can help you is by registering for what is called MentoringDEEP.

When you sign up for MentoringDEEP, there are tons and volumes of resources and information that you will have access to.

These include, videos, podcasts, ebooks, blogs and websites, books, training, workshops, and so on.

This is your opportunity to make your dreams and desires come true in this 2018.

You can’t just let anything stop you again.

This is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

Go ahead and sign up now here or send me a mail at mentoringdeep@gmail.com to show your interest and ask for the registration details.

This is your coach and mentor,

Sam Semako.