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With much respect to your well prepared remarks, I think you are making a mistake by taking anecdotal evidence and prescribing it universally to the league. Each team in the NFL is a privately owned company. They are operating a business. While Colin was once an outstanding QB, his talent has been on the wane for the last couple of years… that’s normal for athletes competing at his level. He is still a strong choice for a number 2 position, so from a pure football talent standpoint you are correct, he might be a good addition to the backup QB roster. However, he has two problems now that he created all by himself. First, the QB is the team leader, no other person handles the ball more and makes more decisions on the fly that have an impact on the win or loss than the person in that job, and leadership doesn’t end at the whistle. So, it becomes more difficult to lead the whole team if you’ve lost the respect of several other players. That’s locker room trouble that no coach wants to have. Second, it is safe to say that the position Colin took on the National Anthem was upsetting to about 1/2 of the country. What business owner wants to hire someone who is going to piss off 1/2 of their customer base? That makes it far more difficult to make a profit. So as a team owner, I could hire Colin as a backup, possibly create some locker room controversy, and likely anger several customers who then won’t purchase tickets, jerseys, or t-shirts… or I could pick up Brock Osweiler, (or insert whatever other #2 you like here) who is of similar talent, and hasn’t said anything to create a devide among Americans.

This isn’t about conservatives or Trump or racism, it’s a simple business decision. Remember Tim Tebow?… prayed on national TV and took a public pro-life stance, and led his team to the playoffs. Where is he working today?

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