One of our ML Assisted Animations, SIMULATION: PURE THOUGHT

Nowadays if you start mentioning machine learning based creativity, you’ll immediately hear something like “It’s only a matter of time before creatives will be out of work.”

But our creative teams at Mediamonks are made up of world class talent so why would we want to automate them away? Instead we are interested in augmenting their creative powers.

While advancements in creative machine learning are being made all the time, practical tools seem few and far between. How do we integrate this technology into our creative process now? …

or Behavioral Cloning and 3D Procedural Content Generation

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A simple landscape created entirely by an ML algorithm, taught by me.

In my last medium post, I discussed how we could use convolutional neural networks for gesture recognition in VR.

I concluded that while it was really cool, drawing objects was sometimes more tedious that having a simple menu. So that got me thinking…

What if I used neural networks to anticipate what objects I wanted to place?

Think about it like a surgeon’s assistant, getting the right tool at the right time, without being asked for it. It seemed like a logical next step.

But that’s when things started to get really trippy…

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A gif demonstrating how a Convolutional Neural Network can be used for a VR level editor type interface.

Seriously … It’s like Harry Potter.

TLDR; video here.

A while back, I wrote my first blog post in series about the intersection of AI, Creativity, and 3D content generation. This blog post is a continuation of that series.

My dream VR application is ultimately a seamless extension of my imagination. Sure it’s a lofty goal, but it is my intuition that machine learning techniques can help make this idea a reality.

Specifically, this blog post explores the use of convolutional neural networks to dramatically change interaction design in VR.

Designing VR in VR

Anyone that has designed a VR application will tell you that working in traditional 2D mediums will only get you so far. …

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Light field landscape generated with the help of style transfer

As a Creative Technologist at MediaMonks, a global production agency, people are always asking me about ML, AI, Neural Networks, etc. What are they?What can they do? How can we use them?

This post represents the first in a series I will be writing exploring the space where AI, Creativity, and 3D content meet.

The way I see it, AI will be the greatest creative tool mankind has ever created. Current visions of AI includes millions of unemployed workers or even an apocalypse. …


Sam Snider-Held

I’m a creative technologist working at MediaMonks, focusing on the intersection of AR, VR, AI, UX, and Creativity.

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