The Shed

Hidding just a stones throw away from Nottinghill Gate Station, The Shed is an incredible dinning option in the heart of West London. With the focus of seasonal British ingredients, fresh wild vegtables and meats from local farms in Sussex, this old boat house looking shed offers incredibly delicious and fresh food. The menu is ever changing almost everyday depending on ingredients available, so a visit will always come with some surprises.

The dinner menu is divided into a few sections, Mouthfuls, Nutbourne Cures, Slow Cooking, Fast Cooking, Cheese Board and Puds. Mouthfuls are small bites, perfect little snacks to get the evening started. Some eye popping bites include Duck Liver, Sourdough, Apricot; Trout Tartar, Lemon, Crisp bread & Mushroom Marmite, Egg Confit, Eclair. Nutbourne Cures are slightly bigger starter sized dishes, with more substantial ingredients. Looking around, the Chorizo, Labneh, Kale, Crisp bread looked impressive and delicious. Slow Cooking and Fast cooking are more substantial dishes, each with incredible selection of ingredients. As the menu is constantly changing, below are a few of some of the incredible dishes we tired during our last visit.

Our Menu

We had something very similar to the Butter Bean Hummus, Pickled Raisin, Heritage Carrots, Almonds. A large tub of green looking hummus with shards sticking out along with root vegtables. A nice combination of crunch to dip into the hummus textured substance.

Scallops seem to be regularly featured in the menus here and it comes in its shell and is very well presented. Fresh and full of flavours from the different spices, it is well cooked and no wonder it features prominently as an ingredient on the menu.

If there was one dish that really showcases the core of this restaurant, then its the tomatoes. Three different types displayed in a fresh and colourful setting. It is extremely juicy and you can definitely taste the differences in the tomatoes themselves. This reminds me of the tomoato salad at the Welsh restaruant (Tom Simmons) — both extremely refreshing and appetizing.

We also had a chance to try some of their meat dishes — both really well cooked and displaying creativity with the ingredients that they were paired with. The sauces and the combination of the different foods really went well — seriously well thought out dishes!

All in all

Fresh, creative, local and delicious. It is hard to think of another restaurant that pays so much attention to local produce, while providing incredible flavours to really make the most out of the ingredients. Definitely won’t be my last visit here!

Originally published at Out Of Office London.