It’s less about you.

I read a story about a man who owned a Ford car that broke down on the side of a road. Now this man knew a lot about cars, so he tried different things to fix it and each time he went back to try and crank the engine, it still wouldn’t start.

A few minutes later a large limousine pulled up beside him. Out stepped an old man who just stood and watched him for a few minutes. He asked if he could help, the tired young man responded with an emphatic Yes, sure you can.

The old man stepped in front of the car, went to the combustion area, adjusted the part, got in the car and sure enough, the engine cranked to life. He was surprised and asked the old man, “How did you know what to do and why did you stop to help me?” The old man said, “My name is Henry Ford and I invented this car.” He continued, I created this car and it bothers me not to see it do what it was created to do…..

When things break down in our life, we think we are responsible and sure do know how best to fix it. We assume we don’t need any help, people mustn’t even know. The religious folks might say… “it must have been your sin that caused it”. Sometimes what went wrong has nothing to do with you.

Just like Henry Ford, don’t you think God is bothered seeing us struggling to fulfill the purpose for which he created us. He will help you. Stay in line. It’s less about you than you think.

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