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A journey begins with a single step..

My name is Samson Goddy , a proud Nigerian. Currently base in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Which is often described as the garden city of Nigeria. I am a young technologist and a great Music lover because that what keeps me going. As a teenager in Nigeria, despite the economical issues that is troubling the country, I still try to make things better using my skills and knowledge to help and make my country a better place. Also I am a high school graduate and hopefully by God’s grace I pray to see myself in schools like MIT sooner.


As a teenager, I grew up in a tough environment, which is good because it took me to places that I didn’t even imagine myself ever achieving it. 5 years ago i was so eager to go into petrol-chemical engineering, because that was all I was see around me. My parents was pushing me so hard to go into crude oil production so that I could work in companies like Schlumberger, Shell, Agip and Total. A day came when my life changed with the introduction of One Laptop Per Child program in collaboration with Schlumberger Excellent in Education Development(SEED).

I was given a unique platform to see the world digitally using the OLPC XO Laptop. The funny part was that I didn’t even know how to use a computer then. Because at that time there was a great digital divide, and the worst part was that my school was a public school. So I couldn’t imaging the possibility using a computer. At first it was really complicated because all we know was Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, and the laptop was running a Linux base operating system called Sugar.

So I started doing online research using the Internet provided on how to use this platform. I joined a group of students in my school who had the aim to teach students on how to use the computers. Schlumberger started running a yearly OLPC/SEED workshop, i was so determine to go to the workshop. Finally i was chosen to represent my school in the workshop. That where my life of tech started when I met Claudia Urrea from MIT Media Lab, who is currently a lecturer of MIT digital of learning and Reuben Caron(OLPC). These people showed me more of life with technology. I was taught on how to use tools like Turtle Art a LOGO inspired programming language for kids and Scratch. I went back to my school and shared the knowledge and it was fun because the student was my responsibility. I was able to reach out to a thousand students in my school and community.


The sad part was when I graduated from junior high. I couldn’t reach out to people as I used to when in school. I was so depressed. But I later on, I got a call from Schlumberger SEED asking me to join a team of STEM teachers to lecture primary and secondary schools about science and technology. I was so happy and I was given a role a Student Volunteer Facilitator in all the SEED workshops. I started teaching students and teachers technology using tools like Arduino boards, Scratch, Turtle Blocks, GoGO board from MIT media lab project. I was able to reach out to over 200 schools in Nigeria.

Me(RHS) Ibiam (Center) Prof Tom Lough(LHS)

A year after I was sponsored by Schlumberger SEED to attend a program called Exposure Robotics Academy in 2013, an intense 5 weeks summer program which some group of MIT and Colombia University students came to Nigeria to teach kids how to program Robotics owned by Obinna Ukwuani and Obinna Okwodu. I was taught how to write intelligent codes for Lego NXT brick mindstorm, also we were also taught on how to prepare for SAT tests and U.S college prep.

SugarLabs, Google,

That how I fell in love with Computer Science, I started downloading programming pdf files online to read. After the summer program, I was so eager to contribute to open source communities. Finally I came in contact with Sugarlabs a community that develops Sugar learning environment where I have been able to work with amazing people like Walter Bender one of the founding fathers and formal director of MIT media lab, Claudia Urrea from MIT Media Lab. With Sugar we have been be able to touch over 3 million children all over the world. Sugar runs in every devices from your browser to your computer and mobile phones.

Through SugarLabs I have been able to work on some Google Open Source projects like Google Code In, we I have different certificates for participating. Currently I am working on porting Nigerian languages to the Sugar OS for more educational use.

Also test latest gadget like the One Education Infinity:One

That is my story I believe I can change the world in my own way. “I don’t believe in the word impossible because the word itself says I’m possible”

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twitter: @samson_goddy

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