Goodmorning #Hello Tiny Us

I grew up devouring science fiction books and games. I was a little Pac-Man, gobbling up everything I could get my hands on: short stories, novels, and, of course, comic books.

Looking back, I realize that sci-fi and, to some degree, fantasy novels, were my first attempt at escaping reality (later attempts would prove to be a bit more problematic).

Regardless, I now see that immersing myself in this kind of literature informs my current view of the world. The path of history is, for me, forever seen through the eyes and imagination of many, many writers.

Which is why I consider all efforts to control human behaviour through force as ultimately doomed to fail. Sure, they might work for a while. That’s where the cool story is — the resistance and overcoming of authoritarian rule. But at the end of the day, the macro, sci-fi view is always toward greater freedom, regardless of what form it takes.

The real evil, the much more insidious method of control, is usually what we do to ourselves. The abuse of drugs and alcohol, plus relentless consumerism and over-exposure to mind-numbing entertainment, are the real chains on the human spirit.

Of course this means that I, having written close to ten two-minutes read of conversation patches, am part of the problem. Sorry, I never meant to be a Minor Overload for the Terrestrial Shadow Masters.-Chuck