The Perfect Menu for a Venue

7 Golden Rules to Rule the Event

Whether sort of event you’re planning some things always stay the same. You want your guests to have a wonderful time, and the event to be something that makes the right sort of memories. And for yourself, the less stress or hassle involved the better. The key to achieving these things lies in good planning and getting the menu right is pretty much central to that. So, here’re some handy tips on picking the perfect menu for a venue.

The Golden Rules

1. Book as far ahead as you can — The best places get booked up months in advance. The further ahead you make your reservation the more choice you’ll have.

2. Be clear about your budget — It’s perfectly possible to create a great event for a limited expenditure, but it will require a degree of discipline.

3. Match you serving style to numbers — A sit down dinner is fine for 10 or 12 people, but if you’re planning an event for 80, unless you’re really planning to push the boat out, finger foods or a buffet might be a better option.

4. Seasonal food is always a hit — Lighter foods in summer, hearty options for the winter. Food that ‘feels right’ for the time of the year goes down better. Incorporating seasonal fruit and vegetables is also a great way to make sure that food looks and tastes fresh, and it can help keep costs down too.

5. Keep it simple — Choosing a limited number of dishes, featuring carefully selected ingredients makes it easier to keep the quality high and the service efficient.

6. Think about special diets — When you’re planning for large numbers assume that there will be vegetarians, possibly vegans and almost certainly people with gluten or lactose intolerance or nut allergies. The greater proportion of your menu that suits everyone the better. On the other hand, opting for a totally vegan menu is likely to disappoint meat lovers. Make sure food is clearly marked or color coded and waiting staff are well informed so they can answer questions quickly.

7. Don’t skimp on portions — Your guests won’t appreciate going home hungry! It’s better to have less ornate or expensive dishes but enough of them than not enough food.

Work with Your Venue Manager

If you’re planning an event in Mosman Park, it’s worth checking the new functions menu at Samson’s Paddock. You’ll be able to pick from a pre-set list for functions Mosman park offers, or use that as a spring board for your own variation. Whoever you choose to host your event, remember that making it successful is as important to them as it is to you so drawing on the staff’s experience and letting them play to their strengths is in everyone’s interest.