Typical Australian Drinks

Australia has a rich variety of drinks, dating back to the 18th century when grapevine cuttings were unloaded and cordial and lemonade factories sprang up as the colonies developed. Settlers bought rum and beer with them and soon developed the ability to produce it themselves. The consumption of beer as Australia’s most popular alcoholic drink was overtaken by wine in the 1970’s, and this thriving industry continues to carry a world-class reputation. Want to know more about Australian drinking culture? Read on…

Australian Drinking Habits

Recent surveys have shown that although more adults actually prefer wine to beer, the volume of beer consumed is almost twice that of wine! Due to an increase in female drinkers wine has become the most popular alcoholic beverage, with the rest of the average alcohol consumption consisting of spirits, sparkling wine, and cider. For the 65’s and over wine is still the most consumed beverage, and for the 18’s to 24’s beer remains dominant. Research proves that although a higher proportion of adults drink wine, those who drink beer consume it in much greater volumes. The quantities drunk between men and women also differ, as women drink greater volumes of almost every beverage other than beer.

What Are The Most Popular Drinks in Australia?

Based on a recent study the most popular soft drink was Coca Cola, followed by Coke Zero, Pepsi Max, Diet Coke, and Schweppes lemonade. The backpacker lifestyle lists Margaritas as a top 5 choice — a mix of Tequila, Triple Sec, and lime or lemon juice — this is a favourite in Sydney. Tequila comes next served up with salt and lime for a sour and tingly experience! Jagerbombs combine an energy drink and alcoholic shot all in one and Tooheys beer can be ordered in half pints, schooners, or pints. Finally Goon, the original boxed white wine that’s soft, fruity, and sweet is a staple backpackers treat that kicks like a mule!

Australia Day weekend reports Penfolds wine as a popular choice — having a distinctly Australian heritage with a wide appeal for its good brand recognition. New Zealand sauvignon also came up trumps, as did Bundy Rum. Cocktails are becoming increasingly popular due to the abundance of seasonal fruits that give big refreshment, offering limitless possibilities for bartenders.

Why Do Australians Drink So Much Beer?

Australia is also the world’s driest continent, making water a precious commodity, and beer has so many health benefits! Beer drinking has always played an important part in Australian life, and recent studies have shown that people who drink in moderation have better verbal skills, memory, and thinking speeds. Darwin has held the world record for the city with the highest beer consumption for years, and drinking competitions are still held to celebrate — drinking a massive two litre bottle in the shortest time possible. The most popular beer these days is Victoria Bitter, whilst Fosters tends to be drunk by tourists.

And finally…

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