GE Oven Usability Test

The oven we were assigned to usability test was the GE 30" Free-Standing Electric Range. For our tests, we chose to analyze user satisfaction with mechanical features of the oven — accessing the built in pot/pan storage unit, removing a hot dish from the oven, and changing the position of the oven rack.

GE 30" Free-Standing Electric Range

After planning our tests and assigning ourselves roles, we performed the usability test. Our 3 testers are all frequent users of the oven used in the test, which was ideal as we wanted to test the satisfaction with the mechanical functions of the oven among people familiar with it’s usage. The results, as well as descriptions of our tests, can be found here:

Summary of our results

As we performed our test, our biggest concern was the size of our test group. Although our tests were fairly rudimentary, different testers pointed out difference flaws, so it would have been useful to have a larger group of users to find more potential usability issues. Additionally, we would ideally have had the chance to test more features of the oven to get a better picture of it’s overall usability.

Designing and executing this usability test forced us to think about the oven in a different way than we normally would; we had to analyze features we use everyday and never have to think about. Looking more closely at the features made me appreciate the subtle design choices that went into the oven to make these simple tasks almost unnoticeable — you don’t want to have to think about how to open the oven each time you do it.