Sam, I’m curious what your thoughts would be on what this would look like in a B2B firm, or in a…
Nick Blackmon

A couple disorganized thoughts:

  1. Much of Deep Work is connected to the “how” of doing that work. So, even though the task itself might be business as usual or not creatively fulfilling what does it look like to do this work in a “deep way”? My guess is that it could be executed even quicker leaving more time to pursue other work or develop other products/services (which is definitely in the realm of Deep Work I would imagine).
  2. Working under an intense time crunch is actually one of the techniques Cal writes about in the book. Taking something you think takes X amount of time and committing to doing it in X/2 amount of time will prompt some serious focus and Deep Work to get it done.
  3. I would look to the edges of your business for other Deep Work opportunities. Are there thought leadership opportunities through writing or presenting? What would some seriously creative biz dev look like for your company? What is something your company could do that would put it in a better situation in the future? If you Deep Work your Shallow Work (see point #1) you might open up some margin to explore the edges.

What do you think? Am I completely off base?

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